MRP-L CSW 11.75




MRP-L CSW 11.75


Made popular with the release of the LMT Defense CSW, this upper receiver is unique in the fact that its inner diameter is large enough to accept suppressed barrels. The LM24B has an overall upper rail length of 19.75″, which is over 3″ longer than our CQB upper, and has a 1.75″ inner diameter. Full length LM8 pattern resides on the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions of the fore end. This is a fantastic upgrade for both pistol and SBR builds.

The patented LMT Monolithic Rail Platform, MRP™ upper receiver. The receiver and handguard are made from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminum. The barrel is held in place with a proprietary locking system that utilizes two locking bolts accessible from the right side of the receiver. The only tool needed is a standard T-30 Torx bit to tighten the bolts. This receiver requires the patented LMT monolithic barrel assembly which has a low profile gas block with straight gas tube.

Barrel not included.




.204 Ru.300 BLK5.56×456.8 SPC


MRP Platform


MRP-L (Light)

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